Monday, September 28, 2009

Glenn Beck is Hilarious!

Just read a Media Matters review of Glenn Beck's new book Arguing with Idiots. Julie Millican does a good job dissecting the various untruths and puerile attempts at humor. Here's a good sample where she quotes Beck's "Top Ten Bastards of All Time":

In his chapter titled "U.S. Presidents: A Steady Progression of Progressives," Beck treats us to his list of the "Top Ten Bastards of All Time." The occupants of that list, in ascending order, are Pol Pot, Robert Mugabe, Teddy Roosevelt, Bernie Madoff, Adolf Hitler, Keith Olbermann, Pontius Pilate, FDR, Tiger Woods, and Woodrow Wilson. That's right, in Beck's book, mass slaughter of millions of innocents makes you a less reprehensible person than the presidents who won both World Wars for the United States.
I understand that Beck thinks this is funny. Tiger Woods is near the top of the list! Ha! LOL!

Seriously, Beck is an idiot. I get FDR. I mean, FDR created the Social Security Administration and the minimum wage and what right-winger doesn't hate FDR? But Woodrow Wilson? Is it because he helped found the League of Nations and thus supposedly started the U.S. on a path of subservience and entanglement with other countries? (There is, in right wing circles, a direct line of causation between the League of Nations and black helicopters. Google it.)

Actually, Beck, supposedly a big fan of teaching history, should read some. Does he know that Woodrow Wilson admired the KKK? Does Beck know that Wilson reintroduced official segregation to the U.S. government, which had been integrated since the Civil War?

Really, Glen, I would think good ol' racist Woodrow would be your kind of guy.