Friday, September 15, 2006

Kids at work

Here is the church:(Federal Reserve)

Here was the steeple:

Open the doors, and here are the people (and here they remain):

SHEK YAN, China As workers poured out of factories into the evening sunlight, Samuel Wong trolled the streets of an industrial zone here in a minivan, looking for the garment factory he had come to spy on. In the jargon of the manufacturing business, Wong is known as a social compliance auditor. But sweatshop snoop might be a better description. Wong works for American and European companies that buy shoes, clothing and toys from Asian factories and that want an unvarnished view of what happens behind their heavily guarded gates - a job that the Chinese government, preoccupied with maintaining economic growth, has neither the will nor the resources to pursue.


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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My three-month fast is over...

In commemoration of 9.11, I haven't eaten or blogged for months. I have come to the conclusion that only extreme and visceral reactions to the event are worthwhile, while logic and measured action can only appease the terrorists.

It is now 9.12 and I can eat and blog again, but I will never forget the pain and suffering and fear I am supposed to feel to be a true American. 9.11 was a tragedy and we should keep it that way.