Thursday, November 18, 2004

Moral Values

Working at an institution that has a strong religious tradition, even if it is no longer affiliated to any religious entity, has become important to me, especially since we are formerly Quaker. Say what you will about it, the Society of Friends is commited to a global view of moral values. Got an email from a former student today for this meeting in Pasadena. GO!
Go, even if you are not a member of Quaker church, or any church for that matter.

Here's the email I got:

American Friends Service Committee
980 N. Fair Oaks Avenue
Pasadena  91103

In this past election, we saw "morality" redefined to be little more than opposition to abortion and gay marriage.
But, what about war's cost to civilians and society? What about taxes being cut for the wealthy while poor and working poor people were forced out of social programs that support basic needs?  What about the pollution of our environment?  What about spreading fear against GLBT and immigrants?  What about the death penalty?These are moral values and we cannot allow morality to be defined to not include them.

Please join faith-based and other activists for a meeting to design a strategy for speaking the truth about our broader agenda and definition of morality through the media, our places of worship and other organizing.Sign up online to attend, or to receive information on future events.

AFSC office is wheelchair accessible.

For more information contact Steven Gibson at (626) 791-1978 ext. 130,, or Jochen Strack (626) 791-1978 ext. 138,

Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace
American Friends Service Committee