Thursday, November 04, 2004

Stupid Dems

Here's another Dem who is a Dem-basher and who does NOT know his ass from a whole in the ground.

Politics News Article | "For Democrats, Sen. John Kerry's White House loss and setbacks in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives created a mood of despair, jolted the potential field of 2008 candidates and set off a spirited round of second guessing.

Debate raged about whether the party needed a major overhaul or a little fine-tuning, with some Democrats warning against overreaction and others saying the reality of two consecutive lost elections required a change.

'If Democrats are going to be a national party, we have to fundamentally change our message and philosophy,' said Democratic consultant Doug Schoen, the pollster for former President Bill Clinton.

'We have to move to the center on fiscal issues, cultural issues and defense issues, and develop specific programs to balance the budget and recognize the importance of family,' he said. 'And if we don't, we'll lose again.'

Republicans savored the success of a strong voter turnout operation that trumped more publicized Democratic efforts and the victory of a values-based, conservative message. "

The Left Coaster gets it exactly right. See me email below. I am from the most red of red states, Georgia. I know the south. The way back to popularity is not becoming "more centrist" since that indicates we are way off the the left, which is totally false. "More centrist" refers to political games, not ideology or beliefs. "More centrist" means adopting the codes and implicit (and false) logic of the Right. We must believe in ourselves. We must kick ass. We must be proud. See my letter below....