Friday, July 01, 2005

She's gone, I'm back

Well, Sandra of the Supreme Court has just resigned. First of all, we should all know that the Bush administration has been planning for this since before 2000. This is their dream. While abortion rights will be the media battle most Americans see, this is only half the story.

1. Republicans do not want to really repeal Roe vs. Wade. This is an election issue that has served them all too well. What they want is a fight, then lose it and blame it on "crazy liberals." This "loss" will provide fodder for years to come and motivate anti-abortion activists for years to come while...

2. In through the backdoor comes a well-heeled corporatist who will defend at all costs corporations against the rights of consumers. This is the true story.

The right will present a right-wing, anti-abortion nut, lose, then get a seemingly moderate person on abortion through who is actually a radical corporation-rights person.