Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Independent Women

As I was perusing Wikipedia last night, I came upon Norman Podhoretz's wife's name, Midge Decter. It turns out that Decter created something called the Independent Women's Forum. I was curious and scooted over to their site. It didn't take long to see that the IWF seems more about Right-Wing propaganda than helping women. A quick look at the blog and you know you're in Michelle Malkin territory:

Some choice quotes from the blog

On Human Rights:
Aren’t you sick of all the propaganda about awful it is for the "tortured" Al Qaeda and Taliban suspects detained down at the U.S. Naval base at Guananamo Bay?

On Iraq:
Michael Barone blows the lid off a story that the mainstream media is covering up:

“Things are better than you think. Yes, I know, most Americans are in a sour mood these days, convinced that the struggle in Iraq is an endless cycle of bloodshed, certain that our economy is in dismal shape, lamenting that the nation and the world are off on the wrong track. That’s what polls tell us. But if we look at some other numbers, we’ll find that we are living not in the worst of times but in something much closer to the best. What do I mean?”

On Grief:
Another tragic automobile accident claimed the lives of two promising high-school girls over the weekend. Quite predictably, grief counselors are descending vulture-like on their school this morning.

It’s a safe bet than none of the youths will be told to suck it up and be dignified.

Ok, you get the drift: things are GREAT in Iraq; torture is good; counselors undermine the American culture of "personal responsibility." They sound like one of those outfits that the Bush administration could get along with...Hey, wait a minute! Look what I found: The IWF was given a grant to "to focus on the immediate promotion of women’s full political and economic participation in Iraq."

Obviously, the IWF is a culturally sensitive organization that is uniquely qualified to bring their brand of "feminism" to Iraq and I'm sure that they got their grant fair and square. No matter that Lynn Cheney, Midge Decter, Kate O'Beirne are among its former directors.

Yes, they got their grant because
IWF is the essential, informed, articulate voice of thoughtful and caring mainstream women in the policy and media battles that shape our nation's future. While showing that we have both a head and heart, we promote voluntary, cooperative approaches to life's challenges that can brighten the future.

I love these people.