Thursday, September 30, 2004


Can I deconstruct Kristol a momentDisgraceful "WE REALLY DON'T KNOW what a President John Kerry would do about Iraq. His flip-flops about the war, his inconsistencies, the ambiguity of his current position (win or withdraw?)--all of these mean we can only guess about a Kerry presidency. He would probably be inclined to get out of Iraq as soon as possible; it might be the case, however, that as president he would nonetheless find himself staying and fighting. Who knows? "

1) We don't know what GB is going to do about Iraq.
2) GB has said there were WMD, but there were none. He was against the 9-11 commission, then he was for it. HE was against a Security Tzar, now he says he's for it.... FLIP-FLOP? No. Just flop...
3) GB got us into this stupid war, Kerry will keep us in it. William, you know that, you a-hole.