Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging from the Left Paw Society

And, yes, with some other critters I've captured on camera this week. Includingthe common House Finch. Of course, I didn't think this bird was common at all. In fact, when I saw its colors, I thought maybe I had seen the elusive Red-Ringed California Fly Swatter or something. Alas, it was but the humble House Finch. I wish I could have gotten closer, but
the bird was on the top wire of a telephone post. For me, it was quite a moment. As I approached, steathily moving in the shadows of the alley and snapping pictures as quickly as my nervous, trembling hands would let me, my avian friend turned away, beckoned the sound of a distant call. At that point my subject, obviously keen to respond, took a deep breath, ruffled its feathers, and spoke back. While I am loathe to translate from Common House Finch, I think the bird said "Yes, I do" and took flight. I never saw it again.

Finally, a warbler of some sort, I think. Orthinologists of the world, correct me.

This little--tiny actually--bird has been all over the garden eating aphids off the roses. Nature is reallly quite amazing if you let it be.