Monday, June 26, 2006


The Economist has its new edition out with this on the cover:

As Jérôme à Paris says, " that they are giving it the legitimacy of their front page, with the usual French bashing (calling the young rioters of last November "Muslims" is simply plain false, and the image of the Eiffel tower is anything but subtle), expect more hand-wringing about Europe's seeming unability to deal with its own problems"

Indeed, the article is full of what can only be called propaganda. To starting with, as Jérôme notes, the not so subtle cover. What exactly are they trying to imply? Is France too Muslim? Are the Muslims taking over?

The article has a telling graphic:
(thanks to for the image)

Really, now, "Where they are"! That's right. You can't be European and Muslim. I'm glad that's all cleared up.