Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Resource Nationalism

The Financial Times reports today on a document received from the U.S. Military:

Future supplies of oil from Latin America are at risk because of the spread of resource nationalism, a study by the US military that reflects growing concerns in the US administration over energy security has found.

An internal report prepared by the US military’s Southern Command and obtained by the Financial Times follows a recent US congressional investigation that warned of the US’s vulnerability to Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez’s repeated threats to “cut off” oil shipments to the US.

The report itself notes that "A re-emergence of state control in the energy sector will likely increase inefficiencies and, beyond an increase in short-term profits, will hamper efforts to increase long-term supplies and production..."

Ah, those darn increased inefficiencies. I'm assuming this means that Venezuela is increasing its taxes from next to nothing to twice next to nothing. I'm assuming that democratic politics which place local needs above those of Barbies and Commando-Wannabes tooling around in SUVs is also an inefficiency.

Question to readers: Has anybody been to the Moonie Ranch in Paraguay? 1.5 Million acres. Maybe Neil Bush is there working on his lobbying skills.